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The Classical Guitar
in Spain, Portugal, Italy & Germany

A General Approach to Its History

(Edited by Damian Martin-Gil)

 As a result of the Erasmus+ project ‘Let’s Play Classical Guitar Together’, this book offers an overview of the history of the guitar, an instrument deeply rooted in the culture of Western Europe, from the sixteenth century to the present day. Due to the limits of this project, this work is devoted to four countries: Spain, Portugal, Italy and Germany. However, on account of international influences, other countries will be in play throughout the different chapters.

Therefore, revisiting the most well-known names related to this instrument throughout history — as well as many forgotten figures — this book aims to provide a symphony of names that the reader may explore, while avoiding the excessive amount of information that we find in in-depth musicological studies. This provides a way to continually refresh the metaphorical internet browser or music provider to offer new aural experiences. Particular attention is given to the recent history of the guitar and the ways its teaching has been institutionalised in conservatories of the referred countries. Additionally, the latest trends in composition for this instrument are highlighted, as well as the place of the guitar in current education, significant institutions and new technologies applied to its service.

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