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Christian El Khouri (guitar teacher and coordinator) graduated magna cum laude from "Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi di Milano" under Paolo Cherici. He also achieved the didactic diploma at the "Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi di Como" under Maurizio Grandinetti. He attended masterclasses with Enea Leone, and enhanced his musical experience with classes by Roberto Masala, Carlo Marchione, Jukka Savijoki., Oscar Ghiglia (reaching the Merit Diploma from at “Accademia Chigiana” in Siena). He has been achieving important results as soloist in several International competitions (“Claxica” in Castel d’Aiano, “N. Paganini” in Parma, “Sernancelhe International Guitar Competition”, “Gargnano International Competition” “R. Chiesa – Città di Camogli”). His lively performing activity leads him to give numerous concerts in Italy and abroad, as soloist as well as collaborating with ensembles and chamber music orchestras. He has several publications published by Armelin Musica and in 2020 his new album "Le Bouquet Emblématique" has been released for Dynamic: the project contains the first complete global recording of M. Giuliani’s op.46 "Choix de mes Fleurs Chéries”. He is currently guitar Professor at “Liceo Musicale P. Secco Suardo” in Bergamo. Christian El Khouri is Offical Endorser for Aquila Corde Armoniche.

Luigi Artina (guitar teacher) graduated brilliantly in classical guitar from the G.Rossini Conservatory in Pesaro. Heperfected himself with Alirio Diaz,who followed for several years, David Russel, Manuel Barrueco. He was also helped by the courses with Angelo Gilardino. 

At the same timehe studied harmony, counterpoint and composition with Vittorio Fellegara, and Alberto Colla, combining the study of piano with them.

He deepened guitar composition, participating in Festival de la Guitarramasterclassde Cordoba with Cuban composer and guitarist Leo Brower. He obtained a second level degree in instrumental teaching with a thesis on composition for teaching.

He plays mainly in the chamber music ensemble collaborating with many musicians; especially he played for a few years with the Japanese soprano Satoko Shikama. 

He has recorded music and videosby Bach, V. Lobos, Carulli, Tarrega, Turina,Petrassisome of which are published under the Ema Vinci labels. 

To the concert activity he also combinates that of composer and arranger, writing music mainly for guitar published by “Berben (Curci).

He also studied economics at the University of Bergamo but then devoted himself to musical studies.

Dania Carissimi (guitar teacher) was born in Bergamo, she began studying classical guitar with Giovanni Podera. 

She received her Diploma in 2000 and Master’s Degree at the ISSM "G. Donizetti" in Bergamo in 2010, with Luigi Attademo.

She  has attended masterclasses  with Giorgio Oltremari, Liliana Pesaresi Andrea Dieci and Bruno Giuffredi.

She has received numerous awards by earning the first prize in National Competitions.

In 1997 she started teaching guitar and alongside her didactic commitment she dedicated her time to musical activity as  a soloist and  chamber music.

Since 2007, she has deepened her contemporary and 19 th century music repertoire with particular  attention to chamber music for  the guitar and flute.

In 2019, the Gynaika Trio was formed with the collaboration of Domenica Bellantone (harpist) and Chiara Di Muzio (pianist).This Trio is an innovative and original musical project with strings as the common denominator.

The intent is to promote an original repertoire for guitar, harp and piano and stimulate new generations to  make compositions without foreclosure of forms and genres.

Since 2018 she has been a guitar teacher at  Liceo Musicale “P. Secco Suardo ”in Bergamo.

Giulio Gianì (saxophone teacher) started playing saxophone at the age of 8 in the marching band of his hometown, in southeastern Sicily. He graduated in saxophone in 2010 at the conservatory of Messina and in 2014 he got his Master degree in Musicology in Cremona, with a thesis on Giacinto Scelsi's music for solo winds instrument. In 2016 he obtained the Master in Music Didatics at the Conservatory of Alessandria and he qualified to teach saxophone in public school . In the same institute, in 2018 he obtained the Master in Music Performance under the guidance of Claudio Lugo. He is interested in the versatility of the saxophone, trying to range from Western cultured music to jazz, from punk rock to brazilian choro, from klezmer to the so-called creative extemporaneous music. Since 2019 he has been teaching saxophone and ensemble music at the Liceo Musicale Paolina Secco Suardo in Bergamo.

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